You have been carefully selected to be the exclusive carrier of the ILLPLUMINATI juice line in your city.

No other shop in your city will be allowed to carry the ILLPLUMINATI juice line unless you decline to carry it.

You will have access to the website for 7 days to make your decision, After the 7 days if you chose to carry the ILLPLUMINATI juice line you will be granted permanent access to the website. We have a moq of 100 bottles per order and at least 1 order per month. If at anytime you chose to discontinue carrying the ILLPLUMINATI juice line, We will respectfully part ways no harm done.

Keep in mind no 5 mile radius, YOU will be the only shop in your city carrying ILLPLUMINATI and we assure you we are already known world wide for the juice we make under a well known name. We decided to start all over ground zero, infamous and unknown.

The clock is ticking, the decision is yours to make. We hope you make the right one.


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